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This time, Panina comes to Thailand. How will the hospitable local friends and adorable Panina beam sparks? Let’s take a look!

After the stops in Hong Kong and Macau, “Beautiful China, more than pandas”global campaign team rushed non-stop to the new destination—Thailand.

On 11th, Oct, at 5p.m. local time, the campaign team and Panina showed up at Si Lom MRT Station, the “Wall Street” of Thailand. A large number of fans had already been waiting at the venue. Once arrived, Panina was surrounded by the enthusiastic fans and tourists, taking pictures of all kinds of postures. The venue was soon occupied by hundreds of tourists, a very lively atmosphere. Panina and a dozen of panda mascots did a classic “Little Apple”dance for the audience on site. More fans were coming over to watch.

Apart from the dance, the Sichuan-featured Kung Fu tea ceremony performance was another highlight. Similar ethic art seemed fun and new to the audience, who showed great interest in visiting Sichuan and China.

After the flash mob, the team and Panina arrived at the venue of promotion and introduction meeting. Travel lovers and relevant industrial personnel from China and Thailand started active communication about the tourism resource of the two countries and the future cooperation and development. Our Thai friends presented strong interest in Sichuan tourism, expecting to have more opportunities to learn about Sichuan food, view and culture.

For audience to learn more about the charm of Sichuan, the team brought the face-changing opera and well-designed Sichuan tourism brochure. People were greatly interested in the “Beautiful China, more than pandas” global campaign, and were confident about the future tourism development between China and Thailand.

The trip to Thailand was full of fun. Panina brought the charm of Sichuan to local friends in Thailand, as well as attracted new fans. Want to know what’s next stop? Follow us on our official website and we will show you more fabulous content!