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On 5th, November, BeautifulChina, more than pandas global marketing campaign arrived andstarted at Taipei Municipal Zoo, where Panda Flash Mob, one of the highlightsof the Sichuan tourism marketing campaign, performed here. The public campaignwas unique and vivid, brought close to the public. The tourists crowded at theweekends, giving huge popularities to the campaign.

Panda Flash Mob promotional venue wasdecorated with elements of Sichuan tourism and giant panda, including toys,umbrella and pictures. The theme was highlighted as well as eye-catching.The Sichuan-featured art performances and interactive games have aroused theenthusiasm and interests of Taipei residents and tourists from all over theworld. The venue was fully seated and participants came in endless stream.

During the campaign, Sichuan tourismmarketing delegation introduced and promoted three discounted family tourismproducts to Taiwanese: Six-day tour visiting west Sichuan ancient town,Dujiangyan, and the one-and-only-in-the-worldVolunteers for Panda;Seven-day tour with the ancient Zhou and Tang Dynasty, culture of Shu Han statein the Three Kingdoms period and Sichuan dish cooking. Seven-day tour withJiuzhai, Huanglong, and other Sichuan exquisite sites. Taiwan tourists with thevoucher dispatched on venue can enjoy 500 NTD off when ordering at the Sichuanstall in Taipei International Travel Fair. The vouchers received warm welcomefrom the audience and were all out soon after the campaign began.

After the aboriginal performance and panda cartoon watch dancebrought by Taiwan Beiyuan Shanmao Troupe, another highlight of the campaign wasthe appearance of Taiwai musician Fan Junyi. Fans coming from all the way had aclose interaction with their idol. With the music beats from the music createdby Fan Junyi, Tian Fu Si Chuan (HeavenlySichuan), the panda mascot showed up and danced on the venue. The membersof Sichaun tourism marketing delegation arrived and displayed the cartoon boardwith Beautiful China, more than pandasin Chinese characters, pushing the campaign to the apex. Local residents showedstrong interests in travelling to Sichuan after the pop quiz of Sichuan tourismand prize-giving, taking pictures and interacting with panda mascots.

Panda color-painting is another one of thepopular sessions on the site. Taipei people learnt Sichuan culture via theimprovised coloring and painting of panda. The touch of the heart transits tothe action, attracting more Taiwan tourists sightseeing in Sichuan. Thecampaign invited six creative makers to create pandapaintings on site.Their inspirations andideas turned into colorful patterns on giant pandas, and the cool andgood-looking pandas are in front of tourists. Every piece of work was not justrandom colored but brand new creation. The colorful pandas also attracted manyTaiwan kids. Parents, together with children, immersed in the great fun ofcreating, painting the panda in their minds using watercolor pens.

The 11th Cross-strait TaipeiTravel Fair has had a successful end. The delegation from Sichuan received theExcellent Organizing Award by the China Cross-Strait Exchange Association.Under the status quo of elder aged tourist from mainland China visiting Taiwan,Sichuan is promoting marketing products for younger generations, receiving highevaluation from the Association.

In the afternoon of 8th, Nov,Sichuan Tourism Promotion and Introduction Meeting was held in Kaohsiung. Localtravel agencies, airline companies and journalists from travel media, 100people in total attended the meeting. Mr. Chen Zhonghe, Head of KaohsiungOffice of China Cross-Strait Exchange Association, Mr. Huang Jinxiang, Chairmanof Kaohsiung Visitor Association, Huang Ruirong, Chairman of Travel Associationof Chinese, Yang Xianneng, Vice Chairman of Travel Quality AssuranceAssociation, Mr. Li Yizhou, General Manager of Kaohsiung Branch of ChinaAirline attended the meeting. General manager Li Yizhou mentioned in his speechthat China Airline was organizing an industrial inspection team to visitSichuan for creating a 5-day travel product. Taiwan tourists will be able totravel from Kaohsiung to Chongqing by plane and arrive in Chengdu by high-speedtrain, visiting Xiling Snow Mountain, Mount Emei, Mount Leshan and ChengduResearch Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

In the meeting, the delegation of SichuanTourism Marketing delegation introduced to the guests on the venue of the fourseasonal beauty of Sichuan. The marvelous promo and interesting prize quizattracted guest to participate. Sichuan Overseas Tourist Corp. introducedselected tours such as the Retro-tour of the Three Kingdoms, The Winter inSichuan, and The Round Trip of Tibet-Qiang Culture Passageway. The five-star HowardJohnson Tian Yuan Jiuzhaigou Hotel did a introduction of tourism project aswell. The splendid Sichuan face-changing opera, Qiaohuadan Dancing, Long SpoutTeapot Tea Performance and Dance of Kangding Qingge received rounds ofapplause. After the meeting, travel agencies of China and Taiwan region as wellas representatives from airline companies communicated further for the travelproducts interested to both parties.