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On June 7, 2017, sponsored by the Chinanational tourism administration, sichuan tourism development committee toundertake the "panda world - Beautiful China, Beautiful China, winingpandas)" large international tourism marketing activities into Europe, thefirst stop in the eastern Mediterranean island - Cyprus, enthusiasm of theseason, at the local panda to upsurge.

On the same day,sponsored by the China's sichuan province people's government press office"Tianfu Sichuan Exhibition" held in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus,Chinese ambassador to Cyprus Huang Xingyuan, Cyprus minister of culture andeducation degenerated to attend the exhibition and delivered a speech. 

The demonstration site alsocarried out the panda painting DIY and panda express activities, which invitedthe local tourism expert and the tourism business about 50 people toparticipate. The panda was in a crowd of people, and the guests were takingphotos of the pandas.

The marketing activity specially engineeredpanda DIY activities, coloured drawing or pattern to prepare a batch of die.itpanda and pigments, attracted a large number of children of differentnationalities, will be of great interest and creativity, give full play totheir imagination, depicting pandas in heart shape. 

Sichuan specialty teaart performance also made a lot of eyeballs, guests on mobile phones, camerasto make a non-stop, in the mouth still exhaled, the aroma of sichuan tea isalso praised.

Sichuan tourism overseasmarketing mission continues to promote sichuan tourism, continue to bring thecuteness panda and sichuan culture to more people, let foreign friends fall inlove with the rich culture of sichuan!