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Local time on June 11, sichuan tourism overseas marketing team came to the worldfamous historical and cultural city of Barcelona, hasnine of the world cultural heritage, in the achievement of gaudi and Picasso'slegendary city master, staged a passion and fusion of art, "panda themeshow".


Event set up a stage lands and on-site interaction zone, "looking forward to youto" as well as many panda doll dance played the flash, interact withvisitors taking pictures and distributed in sichuan tourist publicity materialsand small gifts. Spanish artists have also brought in "giant"performances, interacting with pandas and setting off the scene.


Gaudi street scene is also equipped with panda DIY painting area, the local streetartists and visitors to actively participate in, give full play to theimagination, the scene creation panda doll creative coloured drawing orpattern, and as souvenirs as a souvenir. Barcelona is the capital of art, withits creative and unique creations.


On both sides of high street, there are more than 10 art painted panda sculptures,ranging from 1 meter to 2 meters tall, with different shapes and Chineseelements, attracting tourists to take photos. Colorful and iconic patternsinspire local people and tourists to interest in sichuan.


On the morning of June 15, local time, " Beautiful China, more than pandas" sichuan tourism promotion agent (Madrid station) was held at the westinpalace hotel in Madrid.

The event will kick off in a lively dance of "panda dance", where guestswill be attracted to the actors who are wearing panda costumes and dancing tomusic.

During the tourism promotion conference in sichuan, there was also a signing ceremonyof tourism cooperation, and a series of activities, including the performanceof "face changing", the sharing of travel talent and the exhibitionof micro films.

Spanish residents and tourists say they love pandas, loveChina and have a chance to travel to sichuan to see the real pandas. Paninawill travel to more countries and cities with sichuan culture. Please lookforward to Panina's next trip~