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At 4 p.m., Jun, 9thlocal time, “Beautiful China, more than pandas”Sichuan Culinary AdventurePromotion and Introduction Meeting was held in Yan Sushi & Wok in Zurich.Yan Sushi & Wok receives wide popularity as a representative of localSichuan cuisine restaurant. The restaurant keeps its traditional dishes andalso continues to explore new menus with Swiss local ingredients. Customers whofancy hot and spicy food will enjoy the wonderful meal as well as the authenticChinese and Sichuan culture. The campaign was lively, excellent, and full ofhighlights. Visitors were interested in Sichuan cuisine and pandas.

Sichuan tourism promotion, sharing the wonderfulscenery of sichuan cuisine

Michael,a scholar at the university of applied science and technology in Zurich,delivered a speech at the presentation and welcomed the sichuan tourismpromotion in Zurich. Sichuan tourism development committee communicationcooperation director ms feather hin to guests Shared the panda hometown insichuan, Zurich, invited to travel in sichuan tourist industry and the generalpublic.

From sichuan folk performers lit the sceneatmosphere, will suddenly turn hostile master essence sichuan opera performanceincisively and vividly, tea art master show narrow pot of skill, guests toZurich, presented a wonderful sichuan folk performances. Many people in thefield have been able to learn more about the essence of sichuan's colorfulculture through the folk performances in sichuan.


At the meeting, there was a question andanswer session for sichuan tourism. The scene of the "sichuan fan"and "Chinese fan", asked the related issues such as sichuan panda,sichuan cuisine, the guests reply emerge in endlessly, winning praise andawards.


Look at sichuanscenery and appreciate sichuan folk customs

Event specially decorated with "sichuangourmet tour experience area", many visitors in the experience throughactivities frame, interactive hand poses, in addition, VR as experience sichuanscenery, folk customs of the new carrier, attracted many curious people andtourists. Guests can also understand sichuan opera intangible culturalexperience in sichuan area, through abundant activity form, many people havelearned the information about sichuan food culture and activities.