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On 27th and 28th March, “Beautiful China, more than Pandas” campaign was opened in Nepal. After all-year-around marketing activities, the first stop of the campaign in 2017 was in Nepal. Nepal is known for its mountain tourism, which Sichuan is also planning to develop. This campaign is not only a great opportunity to learn from the tourism experience of Nepal, but also a great stage to introduce Sichuan travel resources, giant pandas and diverse local customs to more international tourists.

Panina Flash Mob Dancing

On the morning of 27th, March local time, “Beautiful China, more than pandas” campaign launched panda flash mob dancing in Patan Durbar Square. Panina the mascot invited the local residents to join in the panda dancing, causing rounds of applause and laughter.


The Eye-catching Panda Painting

Local kids took the drawing pen and colored the blank panda as they like. The colorful panda, infused with Nepal and Sichuan features looked unique in style, attracting a great number of people to participate.


Nepal-Sichuan Tourism Introduction and Promotion Meeting

At 2 p.m. of 28th, March, local time, “Nepal- Sichuan Tourism Introduction and Promotion Meeting” was held in Pokhara. Vice Governor of Sichuan Provincial Government and Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation attended the meeting and delivered speeches. During the meeting, the adorable giant panda, the diverse ethical customs, the long-standing Sichuan history and resources of flora and fauna attracted all the attention on the venue. The face-changing opera and tea ceremony performance during the break won rounds of applause. In this meeting, three travel agencies from Sichuan and three from Nepal sign the cooperative agreement. Both parties will collaborate, develop and promote bi-lateral tourism market.

After Nepal, the campaign will continue in Spain, Swiss, Australia, Indonesia and other countries. The campaign aims to start a strong publicity of Sichuan tourism towards international tourists, as well as to get contact with multiple travel agencies worldwide for exchanging customers, collaborative promotion and attracting investments.