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In the past fewdays, a double decker bus decorated with panda and China elements have beentravelling the city centre of London. The bus passing streets and lanes allyear around is becoming a new moveable view of Chinese tourism on Londonstreets. This is another measure of promoting “Beautiful China, more thanPandas”in the UK and Northern Europe by China National Tourist Office in London.

Double decker bus is a world-renownsignature of the UK national and ethnic signature. The panda-themed double deckerwill travel through tourist attractions and landmarks including TrafalgarSquare, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street and Hyde Park as well as otherpopulated areas. It imperceptibly attracts not only local residents but alsohundreds of thousands of international tourists, who are the potential consumergroup to the campaign.

For the sake of the enriching thecontent of “Beautiful China, more than Pandas”campaign, the Office in Londonalso promotes relevant market development schedules, such as the multiplehighlights of panda themes on 2016 World Travel Market (WTM); a whole page of“Beautiful China, more than Pandas”advertisement on The Times; promotion of panda theme and Sichuan tourism in 2017London Destination Show, the largest public show in the UK; road show inwell-known shopping mall in Stockholm of Sweden and Reykjavik of Iceland andpanda-themed Chinese tourism image in Sweden Senior Fair.

China National Tourist Office in Londonschedules another theme advertising campaign in London tubes, the most ancientunderground system in the world in the near future.