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OnJanuary 28th, 2017, the very first day of Chinese New Year, “Beautiful China,More than Pandas” in Italy was organized by China National Tourist Office inRome and launched on Piazza del Popolo, with the slogan of “China, beyondimagination”.

ChinaNational Tourist Office in Rome invited local major travel agencies operating businessof travelling in China to display brochures, promote Chinese tourism products,and offer consulting service to tourists. The venue was facilitated with photo-shootingequipment to enhance the interaction. The public were encouraged to takepictures with the adorable panda mascot and even switch the scenario. They “climbed”the Great Wall or stood next to The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower inShanghai, taking photos with the scenario they love and share with theirfriends and relatives in real-time. The venue was occupied with visitor due tothe weekends. Local citizens as well as international tourists visiting Romeparticipated in the campaign. Over 10 thousand brochures had been send out in 4hours.

“BeautifulChina, More than pandas” is a tourism brand promoted by China National TouristOffice. The campaign started in Berlin, Germany in September, 2016 and willexpand to 100 cities in 50 countries worldwide. The Italian campaign has lasted2 months and the Office in Rome has promoted Chinese tourism products via avariety of activities, including 4 public events in Milan, Turin, Florence andRome, 2 business promotion campaigns in Milan and Rome, as well as multipleadvertisings in major underground stations in Rome and Milan, raising broadattention from local residents and visiting tourists.