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On the 21st, the 22nd Otdykh Leisure Moscow (International Trade Fair for Travel & Tourism) opened in Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow. The display booth of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) covered an area of 240m². Its distinct feature, stylish layout and practical beauty made it one of the most featured booth in the Expo.

The theme “Beautiful China, more than pandas”is presented via China tourism pictures, brochures, panda-featured souvenirs, multimedia video play, social network interaction and other forms, attracting travel agencies and general public in Commonwealth of Independent States to come communicating and taking photos. Prior to the Expo, CNTA joint with Russian National Geography promoted a special edition of panda which becomes the ambassador between China and Russia tourism as well as a signature of Chinese tourism marketing.

Zhao Hongqing, Head of Russian Office of CNTA, said that “Beautiful China, more than pandas” is a current tourism marketing brand promoted by CNTA. It aims to promote the beautiful image of China and attract more tourists visiting China. The number of Chinese tourists visiting Russia has grown by 50% in the first half of 2016, while the number of Russian tourist grew by 45% even though the overall number of outbound tourists is declining. The tourism between China and Russia is in constant further cooperation, and the market potential is in full exposure. The achievements between Sino-Russia tourism become the new highlight of strategic cooperation, the accelerator and booster of humanities communication and trading.

Moscow International Trade Fair for Travel & Tourism is the biggest autumn Travel Expo in Russia and in Commonwealth of Independent States. The Expo lasts 4 days. It is estimated that over 700 travel agencies from 70 countries will attend the Expo.