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“Beautiful China, more than pandas” is aglobal tourism promotion hosted by National Tourism Administration, andorganized by Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee. Take “Panda”asthe mascot of Sichuan tourism and allow the global tourists to see panda andSichuan! The campaign covers countries and regions such as Germany, Korea,Japanese, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand andAustria, displaying Sichuan features in forms of Tourism Promotion andIntroduction Meeting, Panda Public Art Show and Sichuan Opera. In the meantime,panda fans are being recruited, inviting global tourists to see panda in theirhometown.

On Sept. 4th, local time,Panina the mascot of campaign arrived the second stop ,Austria, bringing a “pandastorm” in Vienna, the romantic city of music. Panina comes from the words Pandaand China, with a meaning of “expecting you to come”in Chinese, which expressesthe passion and hospitality of Chinese people.

Pandas indiverse patterns, cute look fascinating local citizens and tourists

Pandas covered in Chinese and Sichuanpatterns are shown in Vienna. The Panda Public Art Show attracts many localcitizens and tourist to visit. Some of the panda patterns are inspired by themap of Chengdu, showing districts and routes of Chengdu. Some of the pandas arepainted Jinsha Sun Bird on their foreheads, carrying the ancient Chengducivilization.

Some pandas are covered in classicalChinese embroidery. Some are covered in Dunhuang frescoes, paper-cutting,operas, minor ethnic patterns, and classical clothing, expressing the profoundChinese culture and hospitality.


Sichuan LanternCarnival, an integration of China and the West

Sichuan-featured lanterns of panda,monkey, opera and Sanxingdui were displayed in Vienna, together with lanternsof Schonbrunn Palace and Mozart. The integration of Chinese and westernlanterns light up the night sky of Vienna.

Local citizens and tourists took picturesand left lanterns and beautiful impression of Sichuan to eternity.


Sichuan Operaamazes Vienna. Sichuan style leads the way

Performers from Sichuan Provincial OperaArt Troupe brought the essence of Sichuan to the stage in Vienna, performingtraditional Chinese long silk dance, Suona horn, rolling lanterns, fire-spittingand face-changing.

In the process, Panina the mascot showedup and launched a prize quiz about Sichuan tourism, gaining deeperunderstanding of Sichuan culture.

Recruitment ofPanda Fans, Inviting Global Tourists 

The campaign will recruit panda fansworldwide, showcasing the charm of pandas and their hometown to global tourist.Lucky fans will travel to Sichuan for free and experience the charm of Sichuanand its breathtaking views!

Click “Fans recruitment ”button and click“sign-up”for online registration!

The Chinese Lanterns Carnival in Austriawill continue to the 6th of October. Next, Panina will go ontravelling around the globe, bringing more excellent activities! Stay tuned!