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Pandas, the national treasure born andraised in China.Their cute looks are welcome by almost everyone.Now pandas arecrossing borders and seas.How does it feel like to see pandas in an exoticcountry?

The “Beautiful China, more than pandas”campaign is hosted by China National Tourism Administration and organized bySichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee. Take panda as the mascot ofChina tourism. Allow the global tourists to see pandas and visit China!Thecampaign will last more than three months.

covering countries and regions includingHong Kong, Macau, Germany, Austria, Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada,Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand.

Tourism Promotion and IntroductionMeeting, Panda Art Show, Panda Flash Mob and other performances will showcasethe feature of pandas as well as to recruit fans among all global tourists tovisit the hometown of pandas.

On the day of Sept. 2nd,Panina, the campaign mascot will arrive Germany, the first stop of the campaignto launch the ceremony of the campaign in Berlin and the fabulous roadshow.Panina comes from both “Panda”and “China”, meaning “wish you coming”in Chinese,which is a thorough expression of Chinese passion and hospitality. 

TourismIntroduction and Promotion Meeting,experiencing thebeautiful China

On the morning of Sept. 2nd, 2016, the opening ceremony of “BeautifulChina, more than pandas” and China Tourism Introduction and Promotion Meetingwill be launched in Berlin, Germany. Li Jinzao, Director of China National TourismAdministration. Zhang Lizhong, Head of Department of Tourism Promotion andInternational Liaison. Hao Kangli, Director of Sichuan Provincial TourismDevelopment Committee. DuoYangNaMu, Director of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Tourism. Zhang Junhui, theChargé d'affaires of Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Germany. SteffensAlexander, representative of Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.Jochen Szech, Chairman of German Tourism Association (DTV). Mr. Rainer Nitsche,Deputy Mayor of Magdeburg and other representatives from travel agencies,airline companies and media about 150 people in total will attend the meeting.

HaoKangli, Director of the committee, gives the introduction themed as “Sichuan,more than pandas”to present the natural sceneries, humanities history, food andlocal customs in Sichuan as the tourism features and highlights.

Themeeting will introduce the selected panda travelling routes, “DistinguishedSichuan Restaurants”campaign and Sichuan cuisine routes. Traditionalface-changing Sichuan opera and the flowing silk sleeves are magnificent andthe lovely mascot Panina will interact with the people on site.

Themeeting will also play the promo video of “Beautiful China, more than pandas”and cute campaign animation.

Panda Public ArtShow,The Art ofTourism Marketing

Who says pandas are all in black andwhite? On the day of September 2nd, the colorful painted pandas indiverse postures and Chinese elements will be presented in Potsdamer Platz inBerlin. The patterns on pandas are originated from the map of Chengdu and illustrateits districts and roads. As the carrier of ancient Sichuan culture, the “JinshaSun Bird”are painted on the forehead of pandas as a symbol of pursuing thelight, unity and harmony. All pandas are about 1-2 meters in height. Some ofthem are covered in China-featured patterns, which are vivid presentations ofChinese classical embroidery technique. Some of the pandas showing the elementof Dunhuang frescoes, paper-cut, opera, patterns of minority ethnics andclassical clothing, expressing the profound and broad Chinese culture as wellas the hospitality of China.

Promotion ofSichuan culinary Adventure,Eat and cookSichuan dishes

On“SichuanCulinary Adventure Promotional Day”, the German public will experience uniqueSichuan food via tasting and cooking Sichuan dishes. 

Recruitment ofpanda fans,attracting global tourists

The campaign will recruit worldwide pandafans, showing the charm of pandas and their hometown to global tourists. Luckyfans will travel to Sichuan for free to experience the charm of the hometown ofpandas and the breathtaking beauty of Sichuan!

The campaign will last a few days in Germany. Panina the mascot willtravel around the world, bringing more great activities to all of you! Staytuned!