Hong Kong

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Theinitiation of “Beautiful China, more than pandas”global campaign is making thecute Panina, the panda mascot a rising star, recognized by more and morenational and international friends.

Afterthe success in Germany, Panina continues its trips to Macau and Hong Kong,cities of entertainment.

Whatdid Panina encounter and what was the reaction?

Don’tstop! Here is the answer.

Afterthe trip in Macau, the team came to Hong Kong Ocean Park, starting activepublicity on the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Student Traveling to Sichuan.The cute mascot Panina, the lively panda mascots, the well-printed brochuresand detailed introduction of Sichuan lifted the atmosphere of the venue.Tourists were eager to know about the food and view and more information aboutSichuan, expecting to visit Sichuan in person.


Inthe evening, Andy’s Chili Party, the popular Sichuan restaurant in Hong Kongstarted themed activity of Panda Sichuan Restaurant. Panda accessories andcutleries are placed all over the restaurant, with panda mascots dancing to themusic. The lively atmosphere, the cute Panina and passionate publicity of theteam lifted the moods of guests.

Nextday, a face-changing Sichuan opera was showing in Shangri-La Hotel. “BeautifulChina, more than pandas”Promotion and Introduction Meeting was officiallylaunched. The board, brochures and promo videos were full of Sichuan flavor inthe hall. The panda mascots were playing games with the guests, who weretouched by the atmosphere on the venue and asking for all kinds of informationabout Sichuan tourism, speaking highly of the meeting!

“BeautifulChina, more than pandas”is taking Panina onto an international stage, showingthe passion and beauty of China to an increasing number of internationalfriends!

“Beautiful China, More Than Pandas”! AndChina brings you more than you can expect!