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Theinitiation of “Beautiful China, more than pandas”global campaign is making thecute Panina, the panda mascot a rising star, recognized by more and morenational and international friends.

Afterthe success in Germany, Panina continues its trips to Macau, cities ofentertainment.

Whatdid Panina encounter and what was the reaction?

Don’tstop! Here is the answer.

Theteam of “Beautiful China, more than pandas”shows up during the Sichuan TourismPromotion and Introduction Meeting of“Sichuan, more than pandas”, hosted byChina National Tourism Administration. The cute Panina attracted the guests onthe venue instantly. The well-made board, interesting brochures plus thepassionate panda mascot ignited the atmosphere.


Onthe next day, Panina and the campaign team went to The 4th MacauInternational Travel (Industry) Expo supported by China National TourismAdministration, hosted by Macau Government Tourism Office and organized byMacau Tourism Association, with tourism departments and industries of over 28countries and regions, over 350 position; Panina still quickly became the focuson the venue, attracting all the attention.

Afterthe Expo, the team arrived at The Broadway! Panina brough a Flash Mobperformance with a group of panda mascots. Tourists were taking photo andposing with the mascots, showing great interest in the campaign.