Panda fans arrive and enjoy visual and gustatory banquet in Sichuan.

FromJune 24th-29th, the third group of media delegation recruited by ChengduCulture and Tourism Group and Etihad Airways in the globe has arrived inSichuan.,IncludingChloe Sharp from Stylist, Natascha Plankermann from Rhein-Ruhr-Magazin ,Thomas Starost, a freelance writer from Germany,and from HELLO! Online's Emmy Griffiths.Members of the delegationcome from European well-known media and websites. They were invited to visitSichuan due to their passion in the province.


Playing with sichuan folk customs

Sichuanis known as the "land of abundance", since ancient times people herehave a comfortable and at ease, sichuan is the earliest one of the types oftea, tea, tea culture has a long history, and sichuan people, like stretchinghis legs, sitting in the teahouse "joke" blowing "catch a nap.As a delegation to visit sichuan, it is natural to not miss these authenticsichuan folk customs. During the trip to sichuan, members of the delegationcame to the heming tea house and experienced a leisurely culture of cup tea.


The membersof the delegation also went to the ancient town of anren, looking at theancient and ancient streets of the city, looking at the green brick and thegreen tiles, the wooden planks, and the Chinese characteristics of the oldstreet buildings in the former city of chengdu. They visited the intacthistoric district and the historic buildings of the manor house and experienceda unique qipao show here.

In order tomake the panda fans more profound understanding of sichuan, sichuan folkexperience, they follow the guide, go to the chengdu landmark attractions -width alley, feelings of the past a microcosm of the old chengdu, here, thepanda fans to watch the wonderful sichuan opera performances, suddenly turnhostile, fire-breathing stunt that panda fans clapping.They also tastedthe authentic chengdu snack of three cannons, sad and cold noodles, fresh tasteand spicy taste to make them full of praise.


Inaddition, the delegation also to one of the Taoist holy land to qingcheng mountain, around lake road walk, passenger ropeway first visit qing, view andadmire the natural pictures and other attractions, it is worth mentioning thatthey follow the master of qingcheng mountain, to experience the local Taoismculture, tai chi, they learn to do well, also learned tai chi and Taoismculture and profound.


Enjoy the sichuan scenery

Morethan two thousand years ago, Libing,director of shu and his son on the basis ofpredecessors' turtle spirit digging, large-scale water conservancy projectbuilt Du jiangyan, until recently, it has played a flood control, irrigationmakes the chengdu plain province  lies a"land of abundance". Since coming to sichuan, nature must not missthis millennium wonder. Panda fans visited the park, the work way of weir andthe Qing xi garden, also came to dujiangyan water conservancy project "BaoPingKou" "fly sand dam" Fish mouth" and "Peacefulbridge", they are the world, so far, the most long, the only thing left,is still in use, is characterized by no dam diversion of water conservancyproject by shock, it is the ancient Chinese hard-working, courageous, thecrystallization of the wisdom of working people.

Subsequently, most lookingforward to a panda fans came attractions: chengdu research base of giant pandabreeding, it is our country and the world famous giant panda research andbreeding, protection education, education, tourism, panda culture constructionas one of the giant pandas and other rare and endangered wildlife researchinstitute. Panda fans visited the panda sun room, the panda 2 villas stand,panda maternity ward, the giant panda and the moon delivery station, untilleaving, panda fans still is reluctant to part with panda panda.

On top of that, the pandafans went to the jinsha ruins museum and visited the ruins of jinsha ruins andthe exhibition hall at the site of the scenic spot. To chengdu's prosperous Chunxiroad, IFS and Tai Guli, feel the rapid development of sichuan. I went to dufu's cottage and felt the former residence of du fu liu, a great poet of tangdynasty in the tang dynasty. We visited the temple of wu hou, the only templein China, to see the most influential ruins of the three countries.

"Sichuan is really a diverseplace," said the panda fans. "there are so many wonderful andwonderful surprises."

Taste sichuan flavor

When it comes to sichuan,there is one thing that cannot be ignored: sichuan cuisine. As one of theChina's eight regional cuisines, sichuan cuisine famous, praise, in order tolet the panda fans to taste authentic sichuan cuisine, profound understandingof sichuan culture, tour guide show panda fans around the world only to displaythe contents of the cuisine culture live condition theme museum, sichuanmuseum. Here, panda fans can watch chefs demonstrate sichuan cuisine, tasteauthentic sichuan cuisine, and experience sichuan cuisine in person.

Fornearly a week, members of the delegation visited many of sichuan's signatureattractions. "I feel very meaningful to be involved in thisactivity," said Natascha Plankermann. "the choice to travel tosichuan is becoming a phenomenon, and I believe it will be better in thefuture." At the end of the trip, many members of the delegation Sharedtheir experiences and experiences in sichuan through the media platform."Sichuan cuisine and sichuan cuisine tour" marketing activities willcontinue to be carried out, believing that sichuan tourism will also expand thebroader market and meet a more prosperous future.