European tour to sichuan, panda hometown to welcome guests from afar

From June 20th – 24th, the second groupof delegation members recruited by Chengdu Culture and Tourism Group and EtihadAirways has arrived in Sichuan and started a 5-day Sichuan tour. The fans arefrom well-known European travel agencies.,includingTrevor Smith from Travel Counsellors, Philippa Baines from Wendy Wu Tours,Roberto Mancini from Key Travel,Kina MarieWhitton from Travel Counsellors. They formed a European delegation to travelacross sichuan to share the beauty of sichuan cuisine.

Colorful sichuan line, rich line oftravel

In addition to the food, sichuan has more to watch and play. Members of theEuropean delegation were guided by tour guides to the many landmark sites insichuan. They went to the guzhen town, is located in dayi AnRen, ingarden-styled architectural experience LouTaiTingGe, rockery watersidepavilion, the narrow corridor, the unique western sichuan people in qingdynasty classical garden architectural style in the ancient town of AnRen, ofprimitive simplicity of sichuan.


Delegation visited AnRen kept relatively complete historical blocks and manor housesancient architectural complexes and liu's manor, locally, delegation toexperience the unique to China clothing - hanfu, foreign face with classicalChinese wind, has a characteristic flavor and odor.


After feeling the ancient simplicity, the delegation came to chengdu to visit thecity and to feel the prosperity and the bustle of modern cities in the springxi road, IFS and taigu. Sichuan's quiet, movement, also left a deep impressionon the delegation. Philippa Baines, from Wendy Wu Tours, said that in thedistance, the city's combination of simplicity and prosperity is truly fascinating.


Afterthat, the delegation went to the dujiangyan scenic area and qingcheng mountain scenicarea to experience the millennium wonders and Taoist culture. In castle peak,the delegation learned about tai chi. In the panda base, the delegation saw thepanda panda, more in the jinsha ruins museum, under the guidance of scenic spotcommentator visited the ruins museum and gallery and appreciate the elegance ofthe old culture. Members of the delegation told reporters that they had adeeper understanding of sichuan, and that it was a real trip.

Delicious sichuan food, fresh delicious food not enough

"Sichuan MingGuan and sichuangourmet tour" activities, the delegation visited during the activity ofthe world's only display content for cuisine culture live condition thememuseum, sichuan museum, in the understanding of sichuan culture, watch sichuanmaster production techniques, taste authentic sichuan cuisine at the same time,the delegation members are personally involved in sichuan, in close contactwith sichuan food culture.

"The process of making pixian douban is really impressive." Roberto Mancini,from Key Travel, says he has tasted a lot of sichuan food in recent days,though he doesn't eat much spicy food. "Sichuan cuisine and pixian beanpaste should be carried forward, really delicious!”


After theend of the trip these days, the delegation used their since the media platform,release the sichuan tour of what is seen or heard, won many overseas online tothe thumb up and leave a message, many people have said, "it looks reallyfun!"As the campaign continues, Sichuan will become a signature of Chinatourism and the travel destination for more international tourists, opening upthe space for future development.