Media delegation visit the hometown of panda

"Panda fans’ Tour Around Sichuan " as a“Beautiful China, more than pandas”is an important partof the global marketing activities, and through online and offline recruiting,invite global panda fans to see the pandas, swim in sichuan. This activity ishuge, and sichuan cuisine as marketing brand of "Sichuan Mingguan and Sichuangourmet tour" activities, provides the panda fans with multiple experiencesichuan food, scenery, folk culture.From Jun 18th to 22nd, the firstgroup of panda fans selected by Chengdu Culture and Tourism Group and EtihadAirways in globe had arrived in Sichuan and started their special tour.

Big names and media representatives traveled to sichuan province

The delegation was invited by a group of famousmagazines from abroad, covering a wide range of fields including fashion,women, life, business, finance and tourism. It includes Poonam Chawla, authorof Bloomberg Businessweek, the most influential business magazine in the UnitedStates,Sally Hoteit,author of Forbes Middle East, a business magazine with a circulationof 25,000,Derek Garcia,editor of Elle Arab World, a magazine exclusively for women, and Alison Tay, editor of GraziaLuxur,a magazine include the fashion and lifestyle.


Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sichuan and explore the colorful culture

Panda fans worldwide media delegation led by a tour guide, go to the Chengduresearch base of giant panda breeding to understand the life of the panda,visited the panda sun room, the panda 2 villas stand, panda maternity ward, thegiant panda and the moon delivery station, panda cub tries appearance drewdelegation are renowned for taking pictures and photographs.

Inaddition to looking at pandas, the delegation has also visited many scenicspots with unique characteristics of Sichuan, to learn taijiquan and learnabout Taoist culture from Qingcheng mountain, a Taoist shrine in the Qingchengworld. Visit Du Jiangyan to experience the millennium wonders, visit the park,Yangongroad, Qngxi garden, visit Du Jiangyan water conservancy works"Aquarius," "Feisha weir", "fish mouth" and"Anlan cable bridge"; In the Du Fu grass school, he learned the tangpoems and poems in mandarin. To Anren ancient town of fine - west Sichuanstyle; To explore the essence of the culture of The Three Kingdoms; Go to broadnarrow alley to experience old Chengdu amorous feelings.


Week-long activities, membersof the delegation to refresh their knowledge of sichuan, they both saw the bluebrick flies in the park, antique, LouTaiTingGe, rockery waterside pavilion withformer estate old street building, feeling the old chengdu old miniature, alsofelt for thousands of years of ancient shu civilization connotation, felt oneof the eight cuisines of China sichuan great profound, more feel the growingand vibrant in sichuan. Members of the media delegation lamented that "theinternationalization of chengdu, the simplicity of integration in a city, isvery subtle. "


Tasting fresh and spicy sichuan food, sichuan cuisine leading sichuan tourism

Thanksto the "sichuan cuisine and sichuan cuisine tour", the delegationalso went to sichuan cuisine museum to taste the authentic sichuan cuisine. Themost impressive place, ask Alison Tay from the Grazia key-2 Luxury about thetrip .She said excitedly:" at the museum of sichuan cuisine, thought inaddition to taste so delicious food, also can learn traditional sichuan cookingskills, this will be a unforgettable memories of my coming here."


Derek Garcia, the representative of themagazine Velvet Middle East, also got sichuan on the brain. he showed a keeninterest in douban brewing technology of PI county and said such unique skilldeserves more promotion. Sally Hoteit, arepresentative from Forbes Middle East, said it was admirable and amazing thatsichuan's ancient shu culture was so perfectly integrated into the modernmetropolis. Other members of the delegation also said that sichuan's giantpandas, gastronomy and ancient shu culture were indeed very attractive.

 Media delegationswill use their respective media platforms to share information about what theyhave seen and heard in sichuan since the end of the sichuan trip, so as to getmore people to know sichuan and love sichuan. At the same time, Along with thecontinuing heat of the activity, sichuan will also be a typical signs,China tourism become more and more foreign tourists travel destination, developa broader space for development.