Panda Visiting Zurich. More Wonderfulness go on

At 4 p.m., Jun, 9th local time, “BeautifulChina, more than pandas”Sichuan Culinary Adventure Promotion and IntroductionMeeting was held in Yan Sushi & Wok in Zurich. Yan Sushi & Wok receiveswide popularity as a representative of local Sichuan cuisine restaurant. Therestaurant keeps its traditional dishes and also continues to explore new menuswith Swiss local ingredients. Customers who fancy hot and spicy food will enjoythe wonderful meal as well as the authentic Chinese and Sichuan culture. Thecampaign was lively, excellent, and full of highlights. Visitors wereinterested in Sichuan cuisine and pandas.


Sichuan tourismpromotion, sharing the wonderful scenery of sichuan cuisine

Michael, a scholar at the university of appliedscience and technology in Zurich, delivered a speech at the presentation andwelcomed the sichuan tourism promotion in Zurich. Sichuan tourism developmentcommittee communication cooperation director Yu Xin to guests Shared the pandahometown sichuan beautiful natural scenery and colorful folk customs, the magicof history and culture, Zurich, invited to travel in sichuan tourist industryand the general public. Sichuan business travel international travel agency hasintroduced sichuan cuisine, which is the best way to promote sichuan cuisine.

A master of folk performance from sichuan province, heoffered a wonderful performance for the visitors to the city of Zurich. Themaster of the transformation has performed the essence of the sichuan drama,and the unique and magical transformation of the face has led to a lot ofapplause from the audience. The tea art master shows the art of the long mouthpot, and the rich aroma of tea is set on fire. Many people in the field havebeen able to learn more about the essence of sichuan's colorful culture throughthe folk performances in sichuan.


At the meeting, there was a question andanswer session of sichuan tourism, and the "Chinese fans" of"sichuan fanatic" showed up and won a lot of praise and prizes. Askedthe related issues such as sichuan panda, sichuan cuisine, the atmosphere isvery lively, emerge in endlessly, the guest answer everyone showed a strongcuriosity and interest in sichuan.


Look at sichuan scenery and appreciate sichuan folkcustoms

Elementsat the event, the sichuan cuisine, sichuan panda elements can be seeneverywhere, the event also specially decorated with "sichuan gourmet tourexperience area", many visitors in the experience through activitiesframe, interactive hand poses, in addition, VR as experience sichuan scenery,folk customs of the new carrier, attracted many curious people and tourists. Byusing VR goggles, Swiss people can feel the tourist scenery thousands of milesaway. Guests can also understand sichuan opera intangible cultural experiencein sichuan area, through abundant activity form, many people have learned theinformation about sichuan food culture and activities.


The marketing team ofSichuan tourism will next visit more countries and regions for the promotionand introduction meeting of “Beautiful China, more than pandas”as well as of“Sichuan Culinary Adventure”.As the activity continues,“Sichuan”is known to an increasing number ofinternational tourists. The beautiful view and panda in Sichuan is drawing theattention to more and more tourists.