Sichuan Panda in Australia Promotes Cute Tourism

Sichuan and Australia are both crucial tourism resource markets. In order to promote Sichuan tourism to Australian business and public, “Beautiful China, more than pandas”, organized by China National Tourism Administration, and co-organized by Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee, took place in Melbourne and Sydney. It took the opportunity of “2017 China Australia Year of Tourism” and attracted over 200 guests from local travel agencies, airline companies and media.

Enjoy the scenery of sichuan cuisine

Meeting in Melbourne, is nifty and lovely panda doll and delicate panda art sends out a full-bodied flavor of sichuan, the lovely kangaroos in Australia and the panda doll foil out 2017 Macao tourism year in a warm atmosphere. Mr. Liu le, a city councillor in the city of Melbourne, welcomed the sichuan tourism promotion team to promote sichuan tourism in the city of Melbourne. Sichuan tourism development committee representatives to the guests to share the panda hometown sichuan beautiful natural scenery and colorful folk customs, the magic of history and culture, invited Australia's tourism industry and people went to travel in sichuan.


The sichuan airlines' Melbourne center representative introduces the relevant products of sichuan airlines. Sichuan business travel international travel agency has introduced the excellent route of sichuan cuisine. The tourism companies of sichuan and Melbourne signed the strategic cooperation agreement at the promotion meeting, and they sent each other the source of mutual benefit and mutual benefit. Several rounds of sorrow and interactive link inspired the guest to the attention of sichuan tourism and interest, the atmosphere relaxed and active, sichuan cuisine and sichuan panda elements increase the tourism image. Australia, general manager of universal balloon to sichuan to travel, in the warm atmosphere of taste sichuan cuisine, take the initiative to come to the meeting at the front desk, enthusiastically to the guests to share his in sichuan and chengdu tourism experience.


Sichuan tourism is promoted through sichuan food restaurants

Sichuan cuisine is used as a platform for tourism promotion and promotion of sichuan cuisine, so as to attract foreign tourists to sichuan to see pandas, delicacies and beautiful scenery. In the "global cuisine MingGuan and sichuan cuisine tour" marketing campaign for the first phase, through independent registration, online voting, food enthusiasts to visit, experts recommend stage, such as selection of 38 restaurant named "sichuan cuisine restaurant tour cooperation", and as a sichuan tourism publicity platform for a long time, shui jing fang sichuan restaurant in Sydney, Australia is one of them.

On May 15, "tour of sichuan cuisine restaurant" opening ceremony held at the formal, shui jing fang sichuan restaurant in Sydney, Australia won the title of "tour of sichuan cuisine restaurant", the Chinese embassy in Sydney consulate general of leadership, leadership of sichuan, an overseas exchange association, sichuan tourism CuXiaoTuan media representatives to participate in a line and Sydney. The Chinese consulate general in Sydney room counsellor hong-bo wang delivered a speech, said sichuan cuisine is one of the eight regional cuisines in China, its delicious spicy taste attracted a large number of fans around the world, sichuan is also the essence of sichuan culture at the same time. She mentioned this year is the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the china-australia, also is in Macao tourism year, sichuan tourism to promote to the Australian tourism year adds a heavy variety, and she wished and sichuan by sichuan panda elements of the global marketing activities, better "go out, please come in", contributing to the development of tourism in Australia. Australian swellfun catering group chairman Chen accept the cooperation trip to sichuan cuisine restaurant c. licences, and said it would further development efforts to promote sichuan cuisine in Australia, and sichuan cuisine a vision presentation and promotion of sichuan cuisine of the window.

VR as a new carrier invites people to experience all aspects of sichuan

In the "Beautiful China, more than pandas" sichuan tourism and "sichuan gourmet tour promotion day" activities, VR as experience sichuan scenery, folk customs of the new carrier, attracted many curious people and tourists. Through VR glasses, the Australian people can feel the sichuan tourist scenery, changing faces and so on.


Chinese and foreign cooking is a great way to share sichuan cuisine

In Sydney, Australia, shui jing fang sichuan restaurant opening ceremony, also carried on the sichuan cuisine, sorrow, and invited foreign visitors under the guidance of sichuan cuisine chef, on-site production of cold dishes, sichuan ", chuanbei bean jelly ". Sichuan cuisine chef shows the skills of sichuan cuisine, which has a unique flavor of sichuan, which is "jute, spicy, fresh and fragrant".

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Melbourne sichuan tourism marketing center is established

2013 chengdu international routes opened a direct flight to Melbourne, Australia in recent years the number of tourists in sichuan is increased, sichuan province, the number of tourists in Australia is also growing rapidly. The number of visitors to sichuan in 2016 was 10.3 million, up 15.02 percent from a year earlier. Sichuan and the Australian state of Victoria in 2016 concluded a friendly provincial state, and the cooperation between the two sides in tourism has a greater and better development space. To rely on international direct flights and sister-city relationships, more targeted to do a good job in sichuan tourism marketing in Australia, provide better tourist information services to the local people, May 12, sichuan tourism marketing center was established in Melbourne, capital of Victoria, Melbourne. The center will make sichuan tourism marketing of migratory birds in Australia into a continuous compound marketing, using local media propaganda sichuan tourism, and through the local travel agencies, relying on ChuanHang route and resource, organization Australian tourists to travel in sichuan, the Australian tourists market. Also on the same bus start ceremony held in sichuan tourism propaganda, 40 sets of spraying has painted the panda's Australian tour bus from now on will move back and forth in the scenic spots in Australia, panda elements will further enhance the Australian people further understanding of the panda hometown charm.

The Panina's delicious Australian food tour is over! Australia's friends love the cute Panda, and there is no resistance to sichuan cuisine. After the trip to Australia, Panina will soon start a new journey with sichuan flavor. Will they meet you at the next stop? Please wait for the Panina to come to visit with pepper.