“SiChuan,More Than Pandas!”

SiChuan,More Than Pandas!”

Nepal 2 PM local time on March 28, sponsored by the sichuan tourism development committee "Nepal - sichuan tourism seminar" in Nepal, a famous tourist city - pokhara. Vice governor of sichuan province people's government, Nepal cultural tourism and civil aviation department secretary of state to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. In addition, from the Chinese embassy in Nepal, tourism development committee, foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs office of sichuan province, sichuan province, sichuan provincial department of commerce, tourism in Nepal, Nepal association of hiking and other related functional department head.


Suddenly turn hostile, pitch, sichuan tea art performances, such as impressed guests in Nepal. A Nepal, head of the travel agency tells a reporter, the sichuan tourism resource is rich, have many of the world natural and cultural heritage, is the hometown of giant panda. He said, the future will organize nepalese citizens traveling to sichuan, enjoy sichuan sichuan scenery, taste delicious, know sichuan culture. 

The reporter understands, sichuan is China's important provinces in the construction of "area" strategy, it is also an important platform to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Nepal. In recent years, bilateral economic and trade exchanges with Nepal in sichuan, especially the development of the tourism exchanges and cooperation have become their relations new luminescent spot.

At the end of last year, chengdu JiaDeManDou officially became sister cities and the capital of Nepal. The two sides will be based on principles of equality and mutual benefit, in economy, trade, culture, tourism, education, agriculture, health care, urban planning and construction, crisis management, and other fields. At present, the number of flights from chengdu to Kathmandu, more than 20 classes a week, only three hours.

Be worth what carry is, in the promotion conference, from 3 travel agencies in sichuan also signed a cooperation agreement with Nepal's 3 travel agencies. The two sides will work together to develop China and Nepal, bilateral tourism market, organization and reception of Chinese citizens to travel to Nepal and nepalese citizens to travel to China tourism.


As one of the parties in sichuan, the relevant person in charge of CITS in sichuan branch, said the agreement signed for both sides to further development of Nepal and the sichuan tourism. According to her introduction, at present the number of Chinese tourists to travel Nepal every year about 80000 people, 130000 people less than before the earthquake, and the volume of the European and American countries about 500000 people. "Hope that through cooperation, increase in tourist Numbers. In addition, through the Himalayan routes (chengdu) - Kathmandu also can attract more Europe and the United States to chengdu transit passengers, widen the way of sichuan tourism."