“Beautiful china,More than pandas”2017 meet in Nepol

Mentioned in sichuan province, the first thing you think of? Perhaps many people will say:


The giant panda is one of the sichuan tourism card, sichuan tourism, however, not only the panda, and more Wonderful!

For overseas tourists know more about sichuan,the theme of "beautiful China More than Pandas" activities will continue this year, the lovely national treasure--panda,as our sichuan "image ambassador", continue to haunt around the world, to bring us fresh and rich sichuan tourist information. 2017 overseas publicity and marketing of the first station, came to the kingdom of the Himalayan foothills: Nepal.


Nepal is mountain, a world cultural heritage tourism and religious pilgrimage tourism popular destinations, all year round with a long history culture and magnificent natural scenery, attracts tourists from all over the world. In Nepal, duba square is the "heart" of the city, there are numerous temples, magnificent ancient palace, elegant heavy and complicated construction... Known as "open-air museum. On March 27 at 10 a.m. local time, duba square in Tampa, fla., sichuan element and element to meet here in Nepal, the collision sparks of how? First to poke the scene video, feel the Nepal wafts of spicy delicious ~ ~ ~

The air was filled with full-bodied mala, panda panda appeared around the street, there Chinese wind music music, yes, this is not the panda hometown in sichuan, but in the square in downtown of Nepal. The giant panda, sichuan two signs, tuxedos, many tourists are, feel the charm of thousands of miles away in sichuan.


As the saying goes "through a stomach, often can through his heart, look at the scene of the visitors around the world, eat so happy, believe that this logo also impress everyone in sichuan province. But busy is behind, the scene of the sichuan opera face, Nepal children hand-painted pandas and other activities, is constantly caused a tidal wave of applause and cheers.


Organizers of the staff to look at, not only Chinese tourists are the second-largest group of tourism market in Nepal, in recent years, as the navigation line of chengdu - Kathmandu increasingly intensive, Nepal tourists visiting sichuan tourism also more and more. In addition, Nepal or global backpackers heart yearned for the "holy land", to carry out the tourism promotion in Nepal, for people in Nepal is a window on the sichuan province. In Nepal as a stage, and all the good mountain in sichuan Tourism resources can show more tourists from all over the world.

It is understood that after the first Nepal, "panda walk the world beautiful China" activities, will also gradually entered Thailand, Spain, Switzerland, on the one hand, for the global visitors into a fierce propaganda promotion, on the other hand also come into contact with more travel agencies, for customers to send each other, joint promotion, project investment and other activities. In 2017, will strive for overseas marketing center in sichuan province increased to 10, and direct the city marketing, international friendship cities be born