Beautiful China, more than pandas on CCTV Channel

Among most foreigners, China isa country of appealing culture, natural landscapes and friendly people. Giantpandas, as the national; treasure, are adored by the most. “Beautiful China,more than pandas”is about to reveal the charm of China to the world. The globaltourism campaign takes panda as the mascot. Sites will be set up in 12countries to promote China tourism resources, attracting global tourists to seepandas and visit China.

In 2nd, Sep, 2016,Panina, the mascot of the campaign came to Berlin, Germany, received greatwelcome by the local and showed the beautiful China in front of the foreigntourists. The unique style and innovative design were beloved by the tourists.Meanwhile, the campaign was received great attention by the media.

At present, the campaign haspassed four stops, showcasing the Promotion and Introduction Meeting, ArtisticPanda Show, Lanterns Show, and Road Show to hundreds and thousands of tourists.The recruitment of panda fans and peripheral products are welcomed and fallingshort of demand. It is obvious to see in the news that the venue was occupiedby visitor, so to see the love among leaders of countries and tourists. Let usreview the beautiful moments in previous four stops.


The Public Art Show was inBerlin Shopping Center, attracting local people to watch.


The color-painted pandas fullof Chinese and Sichuan elements were displayed in Vienna. The exhibitionappealed to many local residents and tourists to watch.

The Lantern designed of Sichuan-featuredpanda, money, Sichuan opera and Sanxingdui were showcased in Vienna, ignitingthe night sky of the City of Music.


Roadshow in Ocean Park. Fans of pandas had interactions on the venue.


Localresidents and tourists taking photos with panda.

Thecampaign will continue and we will stop at Malaysia and Thailand. Stay tuned.

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