The Most Sichuan Promotional Video | Sichuan, more than just pandas

Giant pandas may have existed from 3-million to 8-million years ago, which makes them the most ancient animals in the nature. The living fossils as they may be, pandas still keep their cuteness to their extreme. Their adorable look and mild temperament attract fans all over the world.

The “Beautiful China, more than pandas” campaign is hosted by China National Tourism Administration, and organized by Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee. Pandas become the mascot of China tourism and recruit global fans of pandas and travel to China to see pandas for free. Now, the promo video is coming and Mark from a foreign country, a panda lover and travel enthusiast, will bring us a unique experience of travelling in Sichuan from his perspective.

So many highlights can be seen in the campaign. Multiple contents display the beauty of Sichuan vividly. Have you noticed all of them? Let’s go over them.

—— Panda ——

Sichuan accounts for 80% panda amounts of the country, which makes it worthy of the title as the hometown of pandas. Pandas inhabited in this tranquil and rich land brings the cuteness as well. The video finds the view in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Are you fascinated by their adorable look?

—— View ——

Do you think all they have in Sichuan is panda? You can see more in here!

Pandas are active in Wolong, Dujiangyan, Mount Qicheng, Longchi, Hongkou, Mount Siguniang, which are all world-known scenic spots.

Rosy clouds                                                Running waters                                        Towering mountains

Sichuan is leading in the number of world heritages in China

Every landscape deserves your visit.

—— Culture ——

Sichuan is a province of multiple ethnics. They inhabit here and form different cultures and customs, making Sichuan charming.

The culture foundation in Sichuan started when literati and poets came here writing. The land was immersed in knowledge during long history.

Du Fu Thatched Cottage in Chengdu. Poems scented in the air.

Sanxingdui in Guanghan. A long-history site.

Tea culture in Sichuan. Limitless fragrance.

Every landscape deserves your visit.

—— Cuisine ——

You think that’s all in Sichuan? Sichuan is the City of Gastronomy entitled by UNESCO. The food always lingers among the residents and tourists. Promo takes the angles of Sichuan snack and dishes, very mouth-watering.

Every dish deserves your taste.

Sichuan is more than you can expect. If you love pandas and love to experience marvelous Sichuan, join in our recruitment of fans. You may have a chance to visit Sichuan for free.

Bring nothing but love. Come to our hometown and you can’t miss the view and the food.