“Beautiful China, more than pandas” Animation | More than your imagination

Guess who has two crystal clear eyes? 

It is Panina, the mascot of “Beautiful China, more than pandas”travelling around the world.

“Beautiful China, more than pandas”campaign is hosted by China National Tourism Administration and organized by Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee. Take pandas as the image of Sichuan tourism, allowing global tourists to see pandas and visit Sichuan!

Panina comes from words “panda”and “China”, with a meaning of “expecting you to come”in Chinese. Now Panina is travelling around the world on its skateboard, shaking its cute body. Want to know how cute it is?

The idea of the campaign did not come easy. The details have taken great efforts of painter. The previous draft of its eyes were like this. After many times of revisions, the eyes are finalized as this. The pictures in the animation are clearer, eliminating many unnecessary elements.

In the US, Panina is “cosplaying”as the Statue of Liberty, with the background skyscrapers replacing superman and maple leaves. In the Australia, Panina is clapping hands with kangaroo, with the background of green waves, high-rises and Sydney Opera House. 

There are more details and colors in Thailand, the whole images are lightened up. In Japan, Mount Fuji are infused with Cherry Blossoms in the backgounrd, making warm pcitures. 

At the end, Panina looks in distance on Kuala Lampur Petronas Tower rather than walking on the tower. The efforts in the details and editing frame by frame enable us to see the cute and fabulous animation.

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