Pandas are going to surround Germany Unveil China views in Berlin

        What is it like to be surrounded by pandas in Germany?“Beautiful China, more than Pandas” campaign is hosted by China National Tourism Administration and organized by Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee. The campaign will cover 12 countries and regions and the panda mascot will invite tourists around the world to see pandas and China. On Sept. 2nd, pandas will reach the first stop of the campaign, Berlin, Germany and start a three-day showcase of China.

            At 10:00a.m on Sept. 2nd, the opening ceremony of “Beautiful China, more than panda” and China Tourism Promotion and Introduction Meeting will be held in the Hall of John Jacob Astor of Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Berlin. Representative of Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Germany. Hao Kangli, Director of Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee. DuoYangNaMu, Director of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Tourism and German officials will attend the meeting. The traditional face-changing opera of Sichuan and flowing silk inner sleeves will ignite the atmosphere in the venue. Panda the mascot will interact closely with Berlin Bear. More amazingly, the promotion will apply VR technology for guests to experience the beauty of China “for real”. Of course, there are magnificent promotional film and recommendation of selected tourism routes. More to come and you do not want to miss them.

Panda Public Art Show,The Art Tourism Maketing

Who says panda can be only in black and white. During the campaign, pandas in diverse colors and shapes, full of Chinese elements will be displayed in the opening ceremony as well as in other densely populated areas. All pandas are about 1-2 meters in height. Some of them are covered in China-featured patterns, which are vivid presentations of Chinese classical embroidery technique. Some of the pandas showing the element of Dunhuang frescoes, paper-cut, opera, patterns of minority ethnics and classical clothing, expressing the profound and broad Chinese culture as well as the hospitality of China.

    Panda Flash Mob Sweeping the Street

        Pandas of China will closely interact with the local cuties, which is not an every day scene. During the campaign, people dressing in panda costumes will have a traditional German dance together with the Berlin Bear. Don’t just stand there and look. Join and interact with them. More featured gifts are waiting for you! Besides, the campaign will recruit a large number of panda fans globally to enjoy a free trip to China, experiencing the charm of panda hometown as well as the magnificent view of China! Do you look forward to a date with pandas in Germany?